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exhaust machine

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Detail Information

Description :

1. Lamps machinery and whole plants equipment- fluorescent lamps manufacturing mahcine, 16 heads end forming automatic machine, 640 heads washing & coating automatic machine, 196H roller baking automatic machine, 36 heads sealing automatic machine, 48 heads exhaust automatic machine, capping automatic machine, horizontal type basing automatic machine, pin welding & aging automatic machine, flare automatic machine, 32H stem & 24H mounting automatic combine machine, cement mixer & filling machine, energy saver lamps manufacture equipments, fusion machine, washing & coating machine, end cleaning machine, baking machine.
2. Circular type fluorescent lamp manufactures equipment.
3. Automation equipment, manufacturing automation, automation system, machine automation.

Specification :

1. After baking, this machine is offering the electrode automatically, clamping the exhuast side, in the same time sealing the other side, and unloading the tube into the conveyor. 2. Quantity: 1 set. 3. Capacity: 900 Pcs/Hr, 1 Pcs / 4 Sec. 4. Operator: (1) Monitor the machine. (2) Replenishing the mercury strip. 5. GAS: (1) Flame gas. (2) Oxygen. (3) Air to burn. (4) High-pressure air. (5) High-pressure filtered air. (6) Enclosed gas. (7) Nitrogen. (8) Cooling water. 6. Machine diamension & weight: 2,200 x 1,900 x 2,050mm/3,600kgs.

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