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PET Bottle Hot Washing Completely Recycling Line


  • Model No: KOWIn-2311/2322/2333
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

This plastic pet bottle crushing machine solves the problem of waste water from washing, achieves no waste water dischargeing & prevents water pollution.

KOWIn has developed the completely line that does not required the boiler to generate hot water. The continuous operation from de-baling to flake output, it can achieve no waste water discharge and prevents water pollution. Solve the problem about waste water from washing line. Whole line requires only 5 operators. It is a reasonable equipment features labor-saving, big output capacity, and solves all the problems in pollution. KOWIn has made it.

The used/post consumer PET bottle bale processed by the recycling, sorting, inspection system to get clean flake which flake quality is able to make fiber directly, or to cooperate with KOWIn PET multi vacuum extrusion-pelletizing line to get resin. Which resin is able to make bottle.

KOWIn through years developed the most economical & practical & suitable whole plant recycle washing line for PET bottle recycle. The whole line ensure to separate PE & PET completely & the quality of PET flakes. KOWIn machine, no matter bearing or any part, after years of experience & improvement, it has reached the best quality & get agree & praise by customers. Also received numbers of patent & national awards. If install a general ordinary bearing in the washing line, it is easy to damage due to water. KOWIn unique design of bearing which be installed in the washing line, the life is more than 15years. KOWIn whole plant recycle washing line, it is a complete & fully design of whole plant. It is your most wisely selection. The recycle PET flake from KOWIn whole plant recycle washing line, the quality condition has reached to make bottle again. I.e. bottle to bottle. The PET flakes from KOWIn whole plant recycle washing line, then to cooperate with KOWIn unique design of PET multi vacuum extrusion-pelletizing line, which extruder is the least IV drop in the world.

Specification :


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