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Electronic Ballasts

electronic ballasts

  • Model No: 06
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Electronic ballast that makes electronic devices more stable.
2. Electronic ballast is an electrical component that makes fluorescent lamp work in high performance. Electronic Ballast can generate less heat than electro-magnetic ballast; therefore, the lifespan of electronic ballasts are also longer than electro-magnetic ballast.
3. Schematic presentation of metallized film capacitor.
4. BDP (apply to ballast).

Specification :

1. High stability. 2. Non-inductive. 3. Miniature size. 4. Self-healing. 5. Molded rectangular case of black polyester-glass, which is flame retardant per UL 94V-O. 6. The epoxy filing used to fill the enclosure and protect the capacitor that is flame retardant per UL 94V-O. 7. To improve power factor and suitable for fluorescent lamps, high pressure mercury vapor lamps, high intensity discharge, lamps, sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. 8. The internal part can refer next pages. 9. Electrodes: schematic presentation of metallized film capacitor. 10. Coating: plastics case epoxy resin sealed. 11. Operating temperature: 25℃ ~ + 85℃. 12. Voltage range: 150,250VAC. 13. Capacitance: 3.5F ~ 100F. 14. Capacitance tolerance: 5% ~ +10%, ±5%, ±10%. 15. Operating frequency: G50, 60Hz. 16. Test voltage: R.V. x2x175% for 1 minute (VDC). 17. Insulation resistance: keep resistor condition discharge, resistor will be 1.2M, in other words, if will be up 1000M. 18. Dissipation factor: 0.1% max at 60Hz 25℃.

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