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Noise Supression Capacitors (Encased)

noise supression capacitors

  • Model No: MXY TYPE
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: Yes
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Feature:
(1) Capacitor network has one X2 and two Y2 capacitors in a compact package.
(2) Excellent common and normal mode capability in a wide capacitance selection.
(3) Y2 capacitors grounded to exiernal mounting tab or common lead.
(4) Installed cost saving with single packing design.
2. Application:
(1) Radio-frequency interference currents are by-pass.
(2) Antenna coupling, across-the-line, spark kills.
(3) EMI and FMI filter, switching power supply.

Specification :

1. Coating: encapsulated in reinforced flame retardant plastic case sealed with expoxy resin meeting the requirement of UL94V-0. 2. Leads: radial leads of tinned wire. 3. Climatic catalogue: -40℃+85℃. 4. Capacitance versus: 0.047mF-0.47mF(X2); 0.001mF-0.0047mF (Y2). 5. Rated voltage (UR): 250VAC~275VAC (50/60Hz). 6. Capacitance tolerance: K=10% J=5%. 7. Insulation resistance: >30000M (C0.33uF) >10000M/ uF(>0.33uF) AT 25℃. 8. Dissipation factor: <0.1% Mat 25℃ for 1Khz. 9. Voltage proof: R.V.x430%VDC (2Sec at 25℃ ). 10. Endurance: the test voltage 344VAC shall be applied for 1000 hours in the 85oC and RH50% chamber. 11. During this period, 880VAC 60Hz for 0.1sec be applied once each hour. 12. C/C10%; DF 0.12% (C<1.0mF); DF0.15% (C1.0mF) IR50% of the specified value. (25℃ 1KHz).

Sample Information

Total Available Quantity :
Per Delivery Quantity :
5-10 pcs
Sample Fees :
Freight Fees :
Shipment :
Delivery Time :
7-10 day(s)

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