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Company Introduction :

Taiwan PU Corporation is a leading and trusted manufacturer of excellent quality Polyurethane Materials and Finished Products. Founded in 1986, Taiwan PU Corporation is devoted to the manufacture of high-performance products and innovative development and has been awarded the ISO 9001 / 14001 since 1999.

Taiwan PU Corporation develops, manufactures and markets TPU Resin, TPU Hot Melt Adhesive, TPU Extrusion Materials, TPU Injection Materials, Solvent based Adhesive, Hot Melt Adhesive, PU Casting Prepolymer, Moca, Water based PU, Hardener Additive, Polyurethane tubes, belt, rod, pipe, sheet, wheel, squeegee, blade, roller, bumper, and so on.

Taiwan PU Corporation strives to comply with customer’s request in whatever way we can, not only for products, but also communications, logistics, service and after sales. You are most welcome to contact us whenever you demand PU Materials and Products.

Main Products :

industrial adhesive, industrial adhesives

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Taiwan Pu Corporation