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Round Cable Suppression Core


  • Model No: FH TYPE
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Enclosures for channel-type EMI suppressor snapes
* Internal and external power cables
* Internal cables between PC boards and data connectors

Specification :

DIMENSIONS & CHARACTERISTICS                                                                    UNIT:mm
1FH 6*10*36.00±0.2010.00±0.403.00±0.203.00±0.2032
2FH 8*10*48.00±0.2010.00±0.404.00±0.204.00±0.2042
3FH 10*20*5(KCF-50)10.00±0.3020.00±0.405.00±0.205.15±0.2051
4FH 15*29.4*6.5(KCF-65)15.00±0.3029.40±0.306.50±0.258.05±0.206.51
5FH 15*29.4*8(KCF-80)15.00±0.2529.40±0.308.00±0.308.05±0.2081
6FH 18.67*29.4*10.15(KCF-100)18.67±0.5029.40±0.3010.15±0.259.85±0.20101
7FH 25.9*29.4*13.05(KCF-130)25.90±0.5029.40±0.3013.05±0.2513.30±0.20131

1. Other sizes are available upon request.
2. All the data listed in this catalogue are for reference only; King Core reservesthe right to alter or revise the specifications without prior notification.

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