Hong San Fu Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Plastics Machinery & Equipments.

No. 82, Dongshan Rd., Niaosong Dist., Kaohsiung City 833, Taiwan

Company Introduction

1973 San Fu Industrial Co.,Ltd. was founded and main field to produce and develop special modular.
1976 We started to develop the yam braiding machine and suction / discharging hose and its auxiliary machinery.
1982 We started to cooperative with some big finished plastic factory to make plans for integrated production line.
1987 Sold every country in the world in other areas successively.
1990 Introduccd the yarn and wove machinery and all kinds of relevant products of perimeter.
1995 We started to consist of the R&D team to improve and develop new machinery to increase production and up-grade its quality.
1996 Our plastic modular machinery have won so many patents.
1998 Establish Hong San Fu Industrial Co.,Ltd,produce various types of abnormal shape extruder out machinery.

SO far we still continuous to innovate and provide new technique 、fast and high quality and efficiency , to pursuing new product by all functional ,automatic system to cooperative with client request and promote production line.

Main Products

We provide plastic machines ( machinery) & equipments- (1) plastic extruders ( extruded plastic machines), plastic extrusion machines & equipments- PVC hose extruders, PE hose extruders, PVC feeding extruders, color extruders, PU extruders, PS extruders. (2) braiding reinforced machines & equipments- high pressure hose reinforced machines, yarn braiding machinery, winding machines, winders, yarn braiding machinery. (3) knitting machines. (4) tanks- vacuum tank machines, spraying vacuum water tanks, vacuum cooling tanks, irregular-shaped vacuum tanks, cooling & forming tanks. (5) take up machines- mono-wheel take-up machinery, caterpillar band take-up machines. (6) cutters- finger-tip control panel take-up cutters. (7) winders- dual disc extruders, two-station winding collectors, dual disc winders, far-infrared winders, flat hose winders, single direction winders, collector barrels.