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  • Model No: ID-02GXC
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

State of art seating development which unites complete comfort with optimum functionality, IDeas differs from other products which only concentrate on lumbar support in that IDeas wrap-around design comfortably supports the entire spine and back. Much the same as automotive seating design. This is notable departure from traditional design philosophy for office seating. Whether it be reclining and resting or angled for actively working, IDeas perfectly provides the optimum level of wrap-around support.

Specification :

Contoured back shell with striking indent design lines together with extra thickness high density molded foam to provide long duration comfort and support means that IDeas is the perfect seating selection for any environment or surroundings.  Headrest height and angle can be freelyadjusted;  Seat back is liberally height adjustable;  Height adjustable armpad are also horizontally adjustable - left & right, backward & forwards;  Seat depth is also adjustable with the seat slide.  All the above options can be individually specified by the user.  This functionality means that all adjustments can be made with the greatest of ease while providing the greatest range and degree of options and adjustments.  As with all our seating products, the IDeas series also provides a wide selection of models and options to suit the widest possible range of requirements and budgets.

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