Wai Sing Sports Net Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

OEM/ ODM manufacturer supplies its products to well-recognized brand names such as “SPORTCRAFT”, “SPALDING”, etc. The company produces tennis, volleyball, hockey, basketball, badminton, golf, baseball, hammock, flying disc, beach ball racket, etc.

Main Products

sports ( sporting) goods & equipment- (1) sport net- tennis & portable tennis nets, tennis racket ( racquet), volleyball & hockey nets, basketball goal net, basketball metal & hoop & heavy duty net, basketball game net, badminton height nets, golf & indoor golf nets, golf practice ( training) net, baseball practice & pitching nets, baseball hitting & batting nets, goal net, beach ball racket, magic mitts. (2) leisure time products- plastic outdoor game, outdoor camping equipments, hammock, rope & camping hammocks, outdoor & jungle hammocks, portable & garden hammocks, jump ( jumping) rope & games, frisbee game, you throw a frisbee, freestyle frisbee, frisbee throwing & disc, horseshoes game & playing.