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Miniature Brush DC Gear Motors

miniature brush dc gearmotor

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Detail Information

Description :

1. The miniature dc gearmotor can combine various type motors with a wide of range reduction gearboxes to obtain the required speed and torque.
2. There are too many possible and gearbox combinations to get the appropriate one, because how it works depends on what king of motor it is and what type of gearbox it is equipped with. And, it is important to considerate whether the gearmotor's sizes, the dimensions of shaft & mounting position would meet your requirement.
3. In fact, a broad range of build-in material and components, configurations can be supplied. The following list will give you some idea of the standard specifications for our standard KG37 series of direct current miniature brush PM gearmotors.

Specification :

1. Voltage range: 3 to 24 VDC rated voltage. 2. Output speed: 1 rpm to 1,000rpm, speed to up 1,000rpm without gearing. 3. Output speed: 1 rpm to 1,000rpm, speed to up 1,000rpm without gearing. 4. Running torque: approximately 0.1 to 18.0 kgf. cm max. depending on sizes of gearmotor. 5. Rating current: less than 0.5A, depending on actual loading and speed option. 6. Rotation direction: the direction can reversed by changing polarity with power relay or switch. 7. Appearance sizes: from 25mm to 37mm diameter and approx. 40mm-90mm body long. 8. Shaft bush: oil-impregnated, sintered bronze. 9. Output shaft: D-shape Shaft. 4.0/6.0 mm diameter and 12/15mm length are standard. 10. Gears material: full of hobbed steel gears, or combinations of hob-cut steel, powdered metallurgy and strong fiber plastic to meet actual running torque. 11. Temperature range: -10oC to + 60oC. 12. Relative humidity: 20% to 85% RH.

Sample Information

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1~2 pcs
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14-20 day(s)

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