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  • Model No: PM-9010CS
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Character:
-Advanced technology of PWM, DSP and IGBT switching components Designed to use a high frequency, highly efficiency DSP/IGBT and PWM technology in converting DC to AC power.
-True Galvanic isolation design Solve ultimately the problem of power system, including noise, lightning, and leakage current etc.
-Multi-CPU design and software/hardware cooperate control Make the system extremely high reliable.
-Plug & Play modular design To allow for each power circuit to be easily removed for quick maintenance and troubleshooting.
-Each phase with individual inverter supporting Characteristics will not be violated under 100% unbalance load.
-Protection against detaching and floating of the neutral of input power supply Ensure the safety and stability of the UPS power output.
-Protection from user error Advanced circuitry prohibits damage to the system when the user makes an operational mistake.
-Intelligent charger with temperature compensation (option) Prolong the battery life expectancy. And with huge charging power (selectable), can charge very big capacity, long back-up time battery bank.
-Intelligent, safe battery test circuitry Test the battery without the risk of output AC failure in case of battery bad. And with battery fluid leakage and improper grounding detect circuitry, can ensure safety of the battery bank.
-Intelligent fan speed control Increase the fan life expectancy and reduce audible noise.
-Reasonable heat evacuation passage design Main PCBs are designed in a holder to separate the control circuitry and power circuitry. Therefore, the UPS system can operate under harsh environment.
-Cool start function Can be started without AC mains (with battery only) and protected from high inrush current.
-Variety of accessory (options) Remote control panel, 3 phases software for PC monitoring, auto dialing module, battery monitoring module, 3 phases SNMP card, and emergency power-off switch are available.
-Microprocessor design base
-Mini- remote control panel (option)
-Multiple output sockets
-Minimum foot print area design, light weight
-Built-In AVR for wider input range
-Auto re-charging whenever AC exist.
-Hot swappable battery by users
-RS232 communication port
-Tel/modem internet surge suppression
-DC Start function
-Green power function
-Auto detecting frequency 12-Pulse Full Controlled Rectifier (option) To reduce total harmonic current and for UPS.

2. Description:
3 phase in 3 phase out online UPS.
Intelligent, digitalized, and true galvanic isolation online design for Power Plants.

Specification :

INPUT (RECTIFIER)Input Voltage220 / 380 / 460, 208 / 380, 400, 415VY
Input Range±20% ( > ±20% is available upon request)
Input Frequency50 / 60 Hz ± 5Hz
Power Walk In0% - 100% : 20 sec
Voltage Regulation±1%
BATTERYBattery Type / PcsMaintenance free lead-acid batteries / 12V x 29pcs
Maximum Charge
Current Adc (Selectable)
Battery StartYes, UPS can be started without AC source.
INVERTEROutput Voltage220 / 380 / 460, 208 / 380, 400, 415   ± 1 %
Wave FormSine Wave
Output Power Factor0.8
Frequency Lock Range50 / 60 Hz ± 3Hz
Output Frequency
(Free Running)
50 / 60 Hz ± 0.1 Hz
Phase Shift Under 100% Unbalance Load< 0.5
THD (Linear Load)< 2 %
Overload <110%Continuous
Overload 110-125%15 minutes
Overload 125-150%10 minutes
Overload >150%1 minute
Efficiency (100% Load)93%
STATIC SWITCHVoltage Range173-277 VAC (L-N)
Mains ¡÷ Inverter 
Inverter ¡÷ Mains
0 ms
Maximum Heat 
Dissipation (Kw)
Height x Width x Depth (mm)1600 x 550 x 800
(Kg, without battery)
Audible Noise< 65 dBA (At 1 M)
Temperature0-40 (32-104)
Humidity0% - 90% (Non-Condensing)
Short Circuit ProtectionYES
Lightning / EMC FilterMOV / Input&Output (FCC CLASS A)
Galvanic IsolationInput&Output true Galvanic isolation
Remote Control / 
Communication Interface
Monitoring 1~99 UPS simultaneously / Dry contact, RS232, RS485

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