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Fu Feng Co., Ltd.

Precision Engineering of Plastic Gear.

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Video Title : manufacturer of plastic gears and gear box

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We are an ISO certificated manufacturer of plastic gears and gear box. Plastic Gear Design and injection molded plastic gears including spur gear, spiral gear, bevel gear, worm & worm wheel, internal gear, rack gear and gear design, mold design & manufacturing by Fu Feng. Along with our extensive experience and engineering expertise, allows us to create plastic gear design concepts and systems that produce quality product, on time and everyday. We are confident you will be enlightened and pleasantly surprised. We look forward to being your new benchmark for this industry. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Company Name: Fu Feng Co., Ltd.
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Country: Taiwan
Address: No. 303, Sec. 1, Wan Shou Rd., Queishaan Township, Taoyuan County 33351, Taiwan
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