Soaraway Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of lanyards, Various straps.


Company Introduction

Soaraway Co., Ltd. is one of the exporters in Taiwan, and has a well established as a manufacturer of lanyard products. We offer the custom products that include: ID lanyards (polyester/nylon/woven), mobile phone lanyard, camera lanyards, keychain, wristband lanyards, luggage strap, belt, ID card holder, bottle holder, shoe laces, eyeglasses cord, badge holder, pet collars, PVC pouch and etc. It has enjoyed an excellent reputation business through ten more years experience, we are sure that you will be quite satisfied with our services on the excellent quality and a competitive price. We are already exporting a number of goods from Europe and U.S.A. and consider, therefore, that we have considerable experience in this field. If any further information is required, please feel free to write us.

Main Products

Manufacturer of badge reel, bottle holder lanyard, bottle holder, ID lanyards, mobile phone lanyard, camera lanyards, camera case, carabiner hook, keychain, wristband lanyard, luggage strap, belt, ID holder, shoe laces, eyeglasses cord, badge holder, pet leash, pet collars, cell phone & camera strap, iPod/ MP3/ MP4 armband cases, laptop sleeve, USB lanyard, USB wristband, weave lanyard, wristband lanyard, PVC pouch and etc.