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High Precision 5 Axis Milling & Grinding Machine
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Joen Lih JL-20205X model high precision 5 axis milling & grinding machine is designed for the manufacturing process by combining grinding and milling operations. The precision grinding machines will offer higher productivity at the lowest cost pe...
Hand Operated Precision Surface Grinders: Surface Grinding Machines
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. General capacity:
    (1) Surface of table(mm)/(inch): 150x365(6"x14").
    (2) Max. table travel(mm)/(inch): 160x472.
    (3) Max. surface ground(mm)/(inch): 150x350(6"x14").
    (4) Max. distance center of spindle to table: 400(16")...
High Precision CNC Profile Surface Grinding Machine
  • Model No:
    JL-50400 CNC
  • Product Description:
    * Manufacturing process:
    1. JL-50400CNC Rail grinding machine is equipped with two vertical spindles and one horizontal spindle. X,Y, Z axis are all driven by servo motors. Longitudinal is driven by ball screw and servo motor. Working piece (rail) w...
  • Model No:
    JL-3080 CNC
  • Product Description:
    Processing Introduction:
    * JL-3080 CNC slide grinding machine with 1 Group vertical grinding heads, 1 Group vertical shaft and 2 to the Group to level the axis, 3-axis is equipped with optical feet, to servo motor system to achieve CNC closed loop s...
Ful 3-Axis Automatic Surface Grinders
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    * The newest microcomputer controller & integrated types of varied grinding functions.
    * The motor control of the vertical shaft of elevating movements.
    * The speed adjustable system of vertical shaft.
    * The preset parameters of the lifting an...
Auto. Down Feed Series Surface Grinding Machines
  • Model No:
    JL-6020 AHR
  • Product Description:
    * Product Name: Auto. Down Feed Series Surface Grinding Machines.
    * Model: JL-6020 AHR.
High Precision CNC Profile Surface Grinding Machines
  • Model No:
    JL-4080 CNC
  • Product Description:
    •Grinding wheel
    •Wheel flange
    •Flange extractor
    •Wheel balancing arbor
    •Levelling screws
    •Levelling pads
    •Tool box and tools
    •Working lamp
    •Totally enclosed splash guard

    •J101 Electro magnetic...
Hydraulic Series Surface Grinding Machines
  • Model No:
    JL-4080 AHR / JL-4080 ATD
  • Product Description:
    * Product Name: Hydraulic Series Surface Grinding Machines.
    * Model: JL-4080 AHR / JL-4080 ATD0.