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  • Model No: JL-3080 CNC
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Processing Introduction:
* JL-3080 CNC slide grinding machine with 1 Group vertical grinding heads, 1 Group vertical shaft and 2 to the Group to level the axis, 3-axis is equipped with optical feet, to servo motor system to achieve CNC closed loop system control, the Working Taiwan carry electricity disks, and diamond rollers finished server, for grinding slide internal two-dimensional and trenches and two end chamfer.
* Another group horizontal grinding heads, for grinding electricity disk flat.
* The diamond rollers finished devices can be the passivation-wheel finished, repaired.

Structure Introduction:
* Sliding column with reverse T structure.
* X axis around track separate movement, to avoid overlap of other tracks mutual traction and ensure the accuracy of processing movement, the most consistent with grinding slider, what is needed for identity.
* Thick an integrated one pedestals design, might have a greater machine identity rigidity and not because of the foundation and machinery level changes to affect accuracy and avoid handling the deformation.
* Hot symmetrical structural design and to balance the Wen multi heat distortion.
* Main structure to FC 30 senior cast iron material casting, after temper processing (annealed) and natural-quarter, the total elimination casting internal stress, ensure that machinery processing accuracy.
* Spindle, diamond rolling swivel, optical feet equipped with gastight style sealing systems, water, gas, cuttings will not enter into the bearing, glass feet, ensure that life.

Specification :

Processing rangeWorktable areamm300*800
Maximum grinding areamm320*820
Magnetic table areamm300*600
Distance from top of grinding wheel to worktable surface (Z axis)mmMin.115~ Max.455
Main Axis
  1. Vertical
  2. Installation Outer Diameter:100~150 main axis
X righ&left movement (ball screw)Strokemm5550
Ball Screw (Diameter*Screw pitch)mmØ 32*10
Servo motorKW3.3
reduction ratio1:1/gear reduction
Moving velocitym/min20
Minimum Unitmm0.001
Linear guidewayDouble-V posted Abradable pieces + shovel spend
Y forward& backward movement (2 shaft)Strokemm320
Ball screw(diamer*screw pitch)mmØ 40*5
Servo motorKW1.57
Reduction ratio1:3/belt wheel reduction
Movement velocitym/min5
Minimum unitmm0.001
Linear guidewaylinear guideway
Z up&down movement (2 shaft)Strokemm350
Ball screw (diameter*screw pitch)mmØ 32*5
Servo motorKW1.57
Reduction ratio1:15/planet gear reduction
movement velocitym/min0.5
Minimum unitmm0.001
Linear guidewaylinear guideway
Grinding wheel dresserDiamond wheel (OD*Thickness*ID)mmØ 100* Max.70*(Ø 30) Inside hole and assembly depends on customer request
Maximum velocityrpm6000
Servo motorKW1
Reduction ratio1:1/belt wheel reduction
Horizontal Secondary ShaftInduction motorHP*P5*4
Grinding wheel (OD*Thineness*ID)mmØ 205*13* Ø 31.75
WeightMachine weightKgs5,000
SpaceMachine volumemm2900*2200*2630

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