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OSCARMAX offers CMAX S500, which promises advanced mould processing by its automation design. The CMAX S500 is an Advanced CNC type of sinker edm machine. It features with 3D Mode motion machining, with the oil tank capacity up to 850 liter. The external oil tank design allows it to be adjusted according to the users’ working environment. The machine body is made with casted base, hence, the max load is up to 2,300 kg.

The machine is equipped with FUZZY function, which ensures automatic programming of machining depths and processing parameters. Moreover, the machine can be connected with robotic arms, ensuring the goal of automation. This machine can be augmented to 6-axis synchronization in motion control, and the size of working table is 850 x 450 mm. CMAX S500 is for medium size workpieces processing and can be applied into the mould manufacture for motorcycle, automotive as well as aerospace industry.

OSCARMAX offers EDM machines with high efficiency, accuracy, surface quality , and reasonable prices.

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