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Patch Cables ( Network Cables)

cable assemblies

  • Model No: T568A
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Offered color coding different patch cables make your network easy to identify for removes and changes purpose, our category 5e patch cords are available for 7 colors, more important on right choice is critical to your entire operation, of which for both present and future expansion application our category 5e patch cords guaranteed in compliance with category 5e standards on ISO / IEC 11801, EIA / TIA 568A, EN 50173 and UL, ETL, 3P verified.

Specification :

Wiring information & coding of T568A & B color coding information: 1. IDC. 2. Terminal: T568A. 3. Pair / wire color T568B. 4. Cable type: UTP stranded; UTP solid FTP stranded; FTP solid SFTP stranded; SFTP solid. 5. Pair: 4 pair. 6. Category: CAT.5 / CAT.5e / CAT.6. 7. Assembly: standard; cap type; molded type. 8. Gold Plated: 30u"; 50u" inches gold plate. 9. Plug type: standard UTP; half shielded hirose shielded; UTP with insert short body. 10. Cable guage: 23AWG; 24AWG; 26AWG. 11. Wiring: T568A; T568B; T568A to T568B.

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