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Precise Clamshell PCB Screen Printing Machines With Auto Belt Take-Off

precise clamshell pcb screen printing machine with auto belt take off

  • Model No: KY-57C
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Printing speed controlled by German SEW motor with reducer gear and safety brake ,non-stage control the printing speed from 75mm/s~500mm/s, the squeegee and flooder can be two different.
2. The printer can be preset to be 2 times continuous printing.
3. Adopting high sensitive constant pressure device to keep the squeegee pressure constant. After pressure setting, the irregular of thickness of substrates can be offset by the device to make best printing result.
4. Feature of synchronous off-contact structure. The frame lifts synchronously following the print track. No Shade, deformation and sticky screen for the ink of different viscosity or for the screen with different tensions. Adopt the German-made HOERBIGER cylinder most suitable to high precision printing.
5. Machine arms are Aluminum alloy extruded. Using THK linear rail for sliding bar. It's ingenious and durable.
6. Printing table micro-adjustment by XY 1/100 m/m graduation to correct the printing position.
7. Utilize German-made SEW motor with RPM28 reducer and safety brake for screen frame up/down transmission.
8. Auto take-off system available connecting with UV dryer or electric heating dryer.

Specification :

1. Modle: KY-57C. 2. Max. printing size: 550 x 750 mm. 3. Max. frame size: 900 x 1100 mm. 4. Thickness allowance: 0~20 mm. 5. Available range of register trouble: 0~20mm. 6. Power: 220/380V 3O. 7. Air consumption: 6~8 kg / cm. 8. Dimension (cm): L 155x W 160 x H150. 9. Weight: 920 kgs.

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