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Banknote Counters

banknote counter

  • Model No: CCM-810F
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Functions :
1.CHECK:This function is specially designed to count the bills with number 100.
2.BATCH:This function is designed to seperate a part from the whole bundle of bills.
3.FREE:This function is suitable for counting any number of bills.
4.ADD:This function can automatically accumulate each successive counting and the number can be stored forever till you clear it.
5.ALARM:The alarm will make a warning sound and holder will be locked automatically when the counting number is not the same as preset number.
6.STAMP (option):It marks "OK" on the paper strap when the counting matches 100.
7.EXTERNAL DISPLAY (option):The external display is easy for customer confirmation.

Features :
1.Speedy; Accurate; Reliable; Heavy duty
2.Modern Design
3.Easy Maintenance
4.High Sensitive Membrane Panel
5.Process Both Banded and Un-banded Notes
6.Count Accurate for both Mint and Poor notes

Specification :

1.SPEED: Approx. 100 notes / 2.6 seconds 2.HOLDER CAPACITY: Approx. 200 notes 3.POWER SUPPLY: 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ 4.POWER CONSUMPTION: 360W 5.DIMENSIONS: 340mm (W) * 340mm (D) * 800mm (H) 6.WEIGHT: 35 kgs

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