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CNC Swisses ( CNC Lathes)

cnc swiss

  • Model No: JSL-26A/32A/26AB/32AB/42AB
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1.Max. turning diameter 26mm ~ 42mm.
2.Seven axes simultaneously movement (X1/Y1/Z1/X2/Z2/C1/C2).
3.Main / Sub spindle C axis movement.
4.Sub tooling system can make eccentric drilling, milling and grooving function.
5.Side drilling can be converted to end drilling

Specification :

Max.turning dia. of main spindlemm2632263242
Max.turning dia. of sub spindlemm--263242
Max. turning length (Fixed guide bush)mm220220220220220
Max. turning length (Rotary guide bush)mm200200200200200
Max. turning length (Non guide bush)mm6580658080
Max. drilling capacity of main spindlemm1313131313
Max. drilling capacity of sub spindlemm--131313
Max. tapping capacity of main spindle M10M10M10M10M10
Max. tapping capacity of sub spindle --M10M10M10
Max. cross drilling capacitymm1010101010
Max. cross tapping capacity M8M8M8M8M8
No. of external turning toolspcs6 / 5 (Type 42)
No. of internal turning toolspcs55555
No. of cross drillingspcs4 + (1)4 + (1)4 + (1)4 + (1)4 + (1)
Face tool holder No. (Sub spindle)pcs--444
Size of toolmm16x16x95~155 / 20x20x95~155(Type 42)
No. of axis controls 44777
Bore of spindlemm4045404555
Spindle speed rangerpm200~7000 / 200~6000 (Type 42)
Rapid traverse X / Zm / min2424242424
Main spindle motorkw7.
Sub spindle motorkw--
X1 / Z1 motorkw1.
Y-Axis motorkw0.750.750.750.750.75
Cross drilling motorkw1.
End drilling motorkw--0.750.750.75
X2/Z2 motorkw--0.75 / 0.750.75 / 0.750.75 / 0.75
Coolant motorkw2.
Machine dimensionsMm2360x1660x20952865x1625x2045

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