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CNC Swiss Lathes

swiss cnc lathe

  • Model No: JSL-42ABY
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1.Max. Turning Diameter 42mm.
2.Both guide bush / Non guide bush are available for making complicated components.
3.With hydraulic chuck system on main spindle, it accepted poor tolerance bar to save the material cost.
4.Deep hole drilling on sub spindle side with center cooling system. 5.It has both fixed and rotary type.
6.The tooling system has two Y axis and Cs axis. Totally there are 37 tool holders and 19 of them are living tool.
7.Cross and face drilling function are available on main and sub spindle.
8.Built-in spindle with oil cooling system offers high efficiency, low noise and high accuracy environment.

Specification :

Main spindle max. turning diametermm42
Sub spindle max. turning diametermm42
Max. turning lengthmmRotary guide bush:200
Non guide bush:125
Main spindle max. drilling diametermm30
Sub spindle max. drilling diametermm30
Main spindle max. tapping diametermmM16
Sub spindle max. tapping diametermmM16
Max. cross drilling diametermm13
Max. cross tapping diametermmM10
External tool holderpcs6
Inner tool holderpcs5
Cross drilling tool holderpcs4 (5)
Sub spindle external tool holderpcs4
Sub spindle inner tool holderpcs3
Sub spindle cross drill tool holderpcs4
Sub spindle face drill tool holderpcs4
Tool size (LxWxH)mm20 x 20 x 95 ~ 155
Control axispcsC1/(C2)/X1/Y1/Z1/X2/Y2/Z2
Main spindle boremm58
Main spindle speedrpm15 ~ 6000
Sub spindle boremm56
Sub spindle speedrpm15 ~ 6000
X / Z / Y-axis rapid traversem / min24
$1 cross drilling speedrpm4000
$2 face drilling speedrpm3000
Main spindle motorkw7.5 (15)
Sub spindle motorkw7.5
X1 / Z1 motorkw1.6
Y1 motorkw1.4
$1 cross drilling motorkw1.6
X2 /Z2 motorkw1.4
Y2 motorkw1.4
$2 face drilling motorkw1.6
Hydraulic motorkw0.75
Coolant pumpkw2.3 x 2 pcs
Power requirementkw40
Lubrication capacityL2
Coolant tank capacityL480
Machine dimensions (LxWxH)mm3380x2455x2155

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