Multi-Direction Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Earphones.


Company Introduction

Multi-Direction Co., Ltd. originated in 1997 providing superior Tele-communication products to the United States, Latin America and Europe. At this time, we were known by the company name of Multi-Direction mainly providing mobile handsfree headset products. For over eight years Multi Direction stood for quality products and great service second to no one else in the handsfree Tele - communication business. Because of our continued rapid growth into the audio market, AUDIOVITA.COM was born. Not only are we still a premium source for mobile handsfree kits but also have branched out to provide top quality audio products for the computer and all MP3 players. At AUDIOVITA.COM, we don't want to be just your vendor, but a key partner in your Cellular, PC and MP3 player audio business. Contact us now, to see what you have been missing!

Main Products

Manufacturer of cellular headsets, computer audio headsets, MP3 stereo ear buds, wireless mini stereo headsets, wireless portable speakerphones, shirt clip type bluetooth headsets, 3 in 1 converter for HTC, bluetooth USB adapters, bluetooth dongles, ear hook earphones, headset microphones, MP3 earphones, portable headsfree kit earphones, mobile headsfree kit earphones, and etc.