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Tube End Forming Machines

Tube End Forming Machine

  • Model No: CR-C38A
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Suitable for the shrinking of various metal pipes with
(1)Different material.
(2)Different shape.
2. All parts are produced under very strict quality control, maintaining machine quality and standard specifications.
3. Equipped with emergency stop device. Both manual and automatic operations are available.
4. Shrinking stroke 150mm. The max. workpiece length is 4500mm, with no minimum workpiece length.
5. An additional feeding system can be added to the machine.
6. The operating security is then greatly increased, as the operators only do the unloading and collecting of finished pipes.
7. Forming shapes can be convex, concave, sectional, long 7 flat, square, V-shaped, open elbow and flat elbow. The design of the tooling varies with workpiece and customers' requirements.

Specification :

1. O.D.x wall: 38x3.0. 2. Bending radius(mm):150. 3. Bending speed: 100mm 1.5/sec. 4. Horse power: 7.5hp. 5. Total length: 3000mm. 6. Total width: 500mm. 7. Total height: 1200mm. 8. Total weight: 1500kg.

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