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Double Finishing & Double-Bend Metal Tube Benders

tube benders

  • Model No: CR-F38D
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. This machine (CR-F38) is an improvement of CR-T38. It is capable of providing more than 3 different processing methods and is called "universal machine" in the field of double-bend processing.
2. The machine comes with two rotary tables. The rotary angles can be set up according to the shapes of the workpieces.
3. The machine is flexible. It can do both front-side bending (same as CR-T38) & inside bending. In addition, this machine can be simply used as a single-bend pipe bender.
4. The features of pipes made by this machine:
(1) Excellent surface flatness and angle.
(2) Stable quality.
(3) Beautiful appearance without wrinkles.
5. Two shafts can do different angle bending. Both of these two angles can be adjusted freely from 0° to 180°.
6. Production capacity: produce 720 pcs (Max.) of pipes with two-end bending.

Specification :

Right side in side:

1. O.D.x wall: 38x2.0.

2. Range of radius(mm): 25~170.

3. Range of bending: 110°,180°.

4. Horse power: 7.5hp.

5. Total length: 2500mm.

6. Total width: 180mm.

7. Total height: 2000mm.

8. Total weight: 1800kg.

9. Range of bending speed: 90°3~4/sec.

Features :

1. The distance between the center line of 2 main shafts:
(1) Front-side bending: 130mm (Min) ~ 1200mm (Max)
(2) Inside bending: 150mm (Min) ~ 900mm (Max)
2. Production capability:
3. Front side bending: (same as CR-T38)
(1) Produce 1 pipe each time for O.D. 38mm pipe.
(2) Produce 2 pipes at the same time for O.D. 31.8mm pipe.
(3) Produce 6 pipes (Max) at the same time for O.D. 22mm & smaller pipes.
4. Inside bending: produce 1 pc each time for O.D. 38mm & smaller pipes.

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