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Hydraulic Press Brakes

hydraulic press brakes

  • Model No: DM-54
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. 10.4" single color LCD screen display.
2. Monitor graphical display of parts profile.
3. Automatic calculation of parts blank length.
4. Graphical simulation of parts forming sequence.
5. Graphical display before and after each bend.
6. Automatically calculation and adjustment of press force.
7. Programmable retract at pinch point.
8. Back gauge start delay function, can be controlled by external signal.
9. Programmable ram speed.
10. Programmable ram dwell time.
11. Ram with two linear scales positioning repeatability ±0.01mm.
12. Auto setting of open height and speed change point for each bend.
13. Various angle and curve can be formed by single pair of tool.
14. Store 999 program, 17 bends for each job,operation between can be connected.
15. Graphic display of punch and die, memory capacity 90.
16. Can be connected to PC for CAD/CAM networks (option).
17. Precise grounded sectional punch and die with tool length and angle marked holder.
18. Automatically adjusted anti-deflection device with referencechart. Automatic angle compensation.

Specification :

1. Capacity: 2.5-20 mm. 2. Width: 1260-6200 mm. 3. Pressure: 30-1000 tons. 4. Stroke: 150-350 mm. 5. Number of controllable axes: 2-4.

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