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Dual Pulsating Massagers

dual pulsating massager

  • Model No: UC-568
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Massage whole body acupuncture point foe long term health.
1. Thenars massage: massage those vital reflection points on the sole of the foot to improve the blood circulation and keep healthy.
2. Thigh mssage: powerful percussive massage pounds and burns stocked fat to create a slim figure.
3. Shank massage: soothe your permanent sore muscles and prevent varicosity.
4. Neck / shoulder massage: relax the nerves of the shoulders, soothe any uncomfortable in the limbs & shoulders.
5. Back massage: strengthen the lungs, enhance the nervous system's resestance against disease.
6. Waist / abdomen massage: promote gastrointestinal peristaisis, eliminate, distending, dyspepsia and soreness in the waist and back.

Specification :

1. Twin-ball pulsar: dual-pulsating similar with oneself. 2. Infrared ray: effectively stimulating the vital points facilitate blood circulation. 3. Input voltage: DC24V. 4. Power: 50W. 5. P.R.M.: 6000 / per min. 6. Net weight: 1.38kgs. 7. Wire length: 2M + 2M. 8. Input power: Taiwan ( AC110V/60HZ ). 9. UL: ( AC120V/60HZ ). 10.GS: ( AC230V/50HZ ). 11. Output power: Taiwan ( DC24V/1.2A ). 12. UL: ( DC24V/1.2A ). 13. GS ( DC24V/1.0A ).

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