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Geared Head Drilling/Milling Machines

geared head drilling/milling machine

  • Model No: MW0400-037
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Available for milling, boring, drilling, tapping and etc.
2. Gear head can be tilted 90° right 4 left each.
3. Clutch operated micro down feed.
4. The headstock is composed 11 pieces precision of gear (all 20.mm pitch) and all immersed in oil bath.
5. Available CE standard as fig shows such as: control system, cabinet stand, protecting guard.

Specification :

1. MW0400-037 has 3 subtype: type A (bench type); type B (floor type); type C (regular). 2. Type differents on working space, spec will show their different. 3. Drilling capacity: cast iron: 40mm (1 9/ 6 "); steel: 32mm (1 1/4"). 4. Face milling capacity: 76mm (3"). 5. End milling capacity: 32mm (1 1/4"). 6. Spindle taper: MT3 or R8. 7. Spindle nose to table: 480mm. 8. Column dia: type A 110mm; type B and type C are 115mm. 9. Quill dia: 75mm. 10. Quill travel: 120mm. 11. Swing: 550mm. 12. Head swivel: 90 ° R & L. 13. Main motor: 0.75 P.S. 1HP. 14. Spindle speeds: 50, 100, 170, 370, 1250RPM (4P) @50Hz; 60, 120, 200, 450, 850, 1500RPM (4P) @ 60 Hz. 15. Table surface: type A is 730 x 210mm; type B is 585 x 190mm; type C is 415 x 455mm. 16. Cross travel of table: type A is 285mm; type B is 210mm; type C is not avaiable. 17. Longitudinal travel of table: type A is 410mm; type B is 340mm; type C is not avaiable. 18. Overall height: type A is 1090mm; type B and type C are 1880mm. 19. T-slot size: type A is 16mm; type B and type C are 14mm. 20. Cabinet stand: type A is 830 x 570 x 240mm; type B and type C are not avaiable. 21. Measurement: type A is 780 x 850 x 1165mm; type B is 740 x 780 x 1955mm; type C is 740 x 540 x 1955mm; 22. N.W/ G.W: type A is 310Kgs/ 340Kgs; type B is 325Kgs/ 360Kgs; type C is 290Kgs/ 305Kgs.

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