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Flat Bed Type CNC Lathes

flat bed type cnc lathe

  • Model No: MW0700-038
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Swing over bed: 400mm(17-5/16").
2. Distance between center: 1000mm(40"), 1500mm(60"), 2000mm(80").
3. Swing over gap: 660mm(26").
4. Spindle bore: 86mm(3-3/8").
5. Optional tool:
(1) Hydraulic turret: 8 tool section (25mm for square tool, 40mm dia. for boring tool).
(2) Electrical turret: 6 tool section (20mm for square tool, 7/8" for boring tool).

Specification :

1. MW0700-038 flat bed type CNC lathe has 3 sub type: 40NC/60NC/80NC. 2. Different in each other will mark seperately. 3. Nominal size (1) Swing over bed: 400mm(17-5/16"). (2) Swing over cross slide: 190mm(7-1/2"). (3) Height of center: 220mm(8-5/8"). (4) Distance between center: 40NC: 1000mm(40"); 60NC: 1500mm(60"); 80NC: 2000mm(80"). 3. Bed (1) Width of bedways: 330mm(13"). (2) Total length of bed: 40NC: 2000mm(78"); 60NC: 2510mm(98"); 80NC: 3020mm(118"). (3) Swing over gap: 660mm(26"). (4) Length of gap: 300mm(11-3/4"). (5) Width in front of face plate: 190mm(7-1/2"). 4. Spindle (1) Spindle nose mounting: D1-8" camlock. (2) Spindle bore: 86mm(3-3/8"). (3) Taper of spindle bore: M.T.#7(sleeve M.T.#5). (4) Range of spindle speeds: high 2000-240/middle 380-45/low 84-10RPM. 5. Slide (1) Cross slide travel (X axis)(ball screw 25mmx5mm C5): 280mm(11"). (2) Rapid travel (X axis): 6 M/min. (3) X axis driver motor: 29 Lb/inch(centroid) 7.3Nm AC servo(fagor). (4) Longitudinal travel (Z axis) (ball screw 40mmx10mm C5): 40NC: 920mm(36-1/4"); 60NC: 1430mm(56-1/4"); 80NC: 1940mm(76-3/8"). (5) Rapid travel (Z axis): 8M/min. (6) Z Axis driver motor: 40NC: 29 Lb/inch (centroid) 7.3Nm AC servo (fagor); 60NC and 80NC are 40 Lb/inch (centroid) 9.3Nm AC servo(fagor). 6. Tooling Max. size culting tool: 25mm(1") (for quick change tool post). 7. Tail: (1) Tailstock quill diameter: 75mm(3"). (2) Tailstock quill taper: M.T.#5. (3) Tailstock quill travel: 160mm(6-5/16"). 8. Main spindle motor: 10HP 7.5KW. 9. Machine weight: 40NC:1800Kgs; 60NC:2000Kgs; 80NC:2300Kgs

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