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Table Automatic Feed Assembly Vertical Metal Cutting Bandsaws

vertical metal cutting bandsaw

  • Model No: MW1200-024
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

MW1200-024 table automatic feed assembly vertical metal cutting bandsaw has 4 subtype: 40A; 60A; 60A and 100A. They are different in table size. MW1200-024 and MW1200-023 are different in automatic feed assembly table.

Standard accessories:
1. Saw blade butt welder with integrated annealing unit.
2. Blade shear, grinder.
3. Brush for cleaning lower drive wheel.
4. Low voltage working lamp.
5. One set of required tools.
6. One instruction and part manual.
7. Rip fence for straight, repeated cuttings easily removable for varied size.
8. Miter protractor for angular cutting.
9. Groove table.

Specification :

1. Cutting capacity: (1) Throat depth: type40A: 410mm(16 1/ 8in); type50A: 520mm(20 1/2in); type60A: 610mm(24in); type100A: 1010mm (39 3/4in). (2) Max working height (mm/ in): type40A: 300mm(11 13/16); type50A: 310mm (12 3/8in); type60A & type100A: 340mm (13 1/2in). 2. Table size: type40A;type50A and type60A: 600x700mm(26 x27 1/2in); type100A: 600x700mm(26 x27 1/2in) and 450x500mm(17 3/4 x19 1/2in). 3. Table inclination (2 ways): L5° R15°. 4. Table stroke: 350mm(13 25/32in). 5. Saw blade length: type40A: 3350mm(132in); type50A: 3880mm(153in); type60A: 3970mm(156 5/16in); type100A: 4540mm(178 5/8in). 6. Saw blade width: 3-20mm. 7. Saw blade speeds: type40A & type50A: low 20-85m/min(65-280fpm); type60A & type100A: high 120-500m/min (400-1640fpm) . 8. Butt welder capacity (mm/in): 4.2KVA, 3-20mm(1/8-5/8). 9. Drive motor: 2hp(1.5kw). 10. Hydraulic motor:0.5hp(0.4kw) 9. Net weight: type40A: 590kg(1298lbs); type50A: 650kg(1430lbs); type60A: 850kg(1870lbs); type100A: 950kg(2090lbs). 10. Gross weight: type40A: 710kg(1562lbs); type50A: 770kg(1694lbs); type60A: 970kg(2134lbs); type100A: 1070kg(2354lbs). 11. Packing: type40A: 1350x1100x2100mm (53 3/16x43 5/16x82 13/16in); type50A: 1450x1100x2140mm(57x43 5/16 x84 5/l6in); type60A: 1570x1100x2140mm(62x43 5/16 x84 5/l6in); type100A: 1920x1100x2140mm(75 5/8 x43 5/16 x84 5/16in).

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