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Digital Electric Moist Heating Pads

digital electric moist heating pads

  • Model No: HT703
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. PTC Flexible Heating Element
(1) No "hot spots" and uniform temp
(2) Low power, but highly efficiency
(3) Safe, durable and suitable
2. Polymer Hydro-Gel Inner Pads
(1) Long term extra heat moisture
(2) Stays soft & pliable below freezing
(3) Holds both heat & cold for long term
3. Fuzzy PID Heating Controller
(1) Fully compatible with 12 different pads
(2) Instant heating & fuzzy PID power control
(3) Auto check function to ensure safety

Specification :

12 moist heat pad designs so heat therapy can be applied to any part of the body. Customer designs, OEM & ODM orders welcomed.
HT703-B(Big) ; HT703-M(Medium) ; HT703-S(Small) ; HT703-1(Ankle) ; HT703-2(Wrist) ; HT703-3(Elbow) ;
HT703-4(Knee) ; HT703-5(Shoulder) ; HT703-6(Back) ; HT703-7(Eye) ; HT703-8(Neck) ; HT703-9(Waist)

Features :

[Heat Master] HT703 Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad has received:
(1) National Biotechnology and Medical Care Quality Award
(2) The 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Technology Research Award- Medical Device Copper Quality

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