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Computerized Digital TENS & EMS


  • Model No: HT558 (4/6/8CH)
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Large clear LCD which transmits function situation & operating condition
2. Offers 40 composed programs & 90 Function Modes with a possible 20790 different Combinations
3. Able to store 100 of the user's edited programs by using PC.
4. Special dynamic scan which helps muscles avoid getting used to the stimulation.
5. Can save 750 different therapy data results, date, time & patient's ID.
6. IT can memorize two patient's basic ID making it easier to distinguish the therapy results.
7. With four alarm settings to remind user of daily routines.
8. The unit can be connect to PC to translate all the saved data with RS 232 interface connector.
9. Includes suitable software for Windows 98, 2000 and XP.
10. Data can be transfered from unit to computer and results shown in an easy to read graph.
11. The computer will auto separate each patients data by reading the user's ID from the unit.

Specification :

1. Dimension: 225 x 205 x 68;30 (mm)
2. Weight: 850gm (battery included)
3. Power supply: 230V 50Hz (110V AC 60Hz) to DC 9V adaptor or 1.5V(SUM-2) battery 6 pcs and DC 3V (CR2025) 1 pc for clock
4. Channel:
    4(4CH) independent isolated transformers
    6(6CH) independent isolated transformers
    8(8CH) independent isolated transformers
5. Input current: 300mA(4CH) ; 400mA(6CH) ; 500mA(8CH) ; DC 9V maximum
6. Output current: 0~120mA P to P into 500Ω load
7. Timer: 01~99 mins auto off and continuous
8. Function mode: "A1~A9"~"J1~J9" total 90 program modes ; Combination forms: 20790 different forms
9. Program mode: "P1~P9" total 9 programs
10. Edit on unit: "U1~U9" & "L1~L9" total 18 programs
11. Edit on PC: "00~99" total 100 programs
12. LCD display: Timer count down/program mode/on time/off time/rate/scan type/scan level/intensity level

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