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In Mold Decoration (IMD) and 2 Color Shot in Jection.

OEM / ODM Introduction

When bringing a new product to market or re-launching an existing product with new features, key success metrics are cost and time to market. Either or both may be negatively impacted if the design proves difficult to manufacture especially if there is a rapid demand for increased volume.

A design partner who is well integrated with a full service manufacturing system knows how to minimize risk. Our design teams have executed numerous design-build projects for customers across a variety of industries on a global scale. We incorporate manufacturability, assembly and test principles into the early design stages of a product to assure seamless production.

JDM/ODM services include:

Concept Development
Drawing Layout
Documentation Verification
Material Management
Rapid Prototyping & Soft Tooling
Initial Pilot Builds
Test / Burn-in
Final Assembly

Following the design phase of your product, we build prototypes to test the manufacturablity and any industry compliances. In the past, electronics manufacturers produced prototypes using breadboards components, but widespread availability of custom prototype PCBs now allows manufacturers to produce prototypes that closely mirror the intended product. Prototyping may occur multiple times at various points in the design and planning stages for a project. Once all the design and manufacturing issues are worked out, we can rapidly transition into full-scale production. Please visit our Contract Assembly page to learn more about our assembly facilities.

Our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service is responsible for designing and building a product according to a customer’s own specifications. Our service also includes global distribution and returned product factory repair, which can greatly reduce customer’s overall production costs.

OEM / ODM Display

R/D Team 1

26+ Years of Design Experience

OEM / ODM Information

OEM Services Provided : Yes
ODM Services Provided : Yes
Buyer Label Offered : Yes
Major Markets Served : Worldwide

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