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Ceramic Disk Capacitors & Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors (Radial)

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Detail Information

Description :

1. Ceramic Disk Capacitor & Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor (Radial).
2. This SPARK GAP is designed for use in protector of CRT circuit and protector of circuit tothe high potential pulse.
3. As this SPARK GAP is a complete sealing type, so in the discharge, a spark does not appear in the outside, a discharge sound does not out, and this SPARK GAP withstand continuous discharge test for a time of not less than 10000 times.
4. As this capacitance value is very small, so for use in circuit, an impedance of circuit shall not change.

Specification :

1. T.C.: Temperature compensating ceramic disc capacitors.

2. HIK.: High permittivity ceramic disc capacitors.

3. S.C.: Semi-conductive ceramic disc capacitors.

Features :

1. Spark Gap: below 1dF/ DC 1KV~2V.
2. Mid, High Voltage (Epoxy): 0.5pF~0.1uF/ DC 1KV~20KV/ -25~85 degree, 10~85 degree.
3. Low, Mid Voltage (Darez): 0.5pF~0.22uF/ DC 25V~2KV/ -25~85 degree, 10~85 degree, -55~125 degree.

Sample Information

Total Available Quantity :
Per Delivery Quantity :
100 pcs
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7~10 day(s)

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