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LED Indicator Lights

indicator-light-leds (led indicator light)

  • Model No: SLIDE BASE 2-1W-42MM
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Made up of one bright LED and a slide base 2-1W-42.9mm holder giving out white light, installed in various indicator light.
2. Character: super bright LED; shockproof, durable, long life with over 50,000 hours on average; eco-label, saving energy; fast active, Pure color with nice appearance.

Specification :


(1) Electronics and optical characteristics: Ta=25˚C.

(2) Part no emitting color forward totality luminous intensity single LED dominant wavelength viewing color.

(3) Voltage Unit: LM.

(4) Intensity unit: nm angle temperature.

(5) Unit: V.  

(6) Unit: mcd.  

(7) Unit: deg.

(8) Unit: K˚.

(9) T5-slide base 2-1B super blue 13.2 0.4 290 470 95 >=25000.

(10) Test condition power: 0.26W , current: 20mA IF=20mA IF=20mA IF=20mA.

(11) IR max: 0.01mA; VR=5V.

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