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Tooless IDC Baluns


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Detail Information

Description :

Baluns allow two systems of different characteristic impedance to each of their ideal load and source impedance baluns can solve the problem of poor energy from one port of the transmission system to the next. Many modern transmission systems are designed with twisted pair interfaces as they offer higher density interfaces, smaller cable sizes and lower cable costs. Baluns overcome the incompatibility with older established 75 ohm systems and allow equipment with different interfaces to co-exist without losses.

Specification :

1. Telecommunication: CCITT. G.703.

2. Security network system: CCTV, CATV.

Features :

1. Standard single Balun: The single Balun comes with a variety of coaxial interfaces and a RJ45 twisted pair connection. Speed version available is now E1(T1)/E2(T2) 2-8 Mbps, E1(T1) to E3(T3) 2-8-34 Mbps. Higher speed version is also available.
2. Dual Balun: The Dual Balun provides transformation of 75 OHM. two coaxial TX/RX pair to 100/120 ohm twisted pair on RJ45 jack.
3. Keystone type Balun: Keystone type Balun is designed to easily snap in and out of the wall plate, patch panel and surface box modular configurations. It is very easy to snap in just like Keystone jack and is available to snap in by one of RJ45 jack or coaxial connector.
4. Mini Balun: Mini Balun can be supplied with a variety of coaxial connectors, BNC, 1.6/5.6, BT 43, 1.0/2.3 and more.

Sample Information

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1 pcs
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1 pcs
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7-10 day(s)

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