Dynas International Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Established in 2001, manufacturer and supplier of nanotechnology to negative ionizer in terms of environmental and life protection such as anti-electromagnetic waves, antirust, isolation, preventing static electricity and the process of compound metals exported worldwide.

Main Products

chemicals, home appliances & nano materials, nanotechnology company- (1) nion superconductor lonizer- 100 nion vehicle indoor genie, 101 nion portable angel, 102 nion vehicle indoor angel, molecular resonance, nion superconductor ionizers, 106 nion desk fan, desk fan, 110 nion top roofing king kong. (2) negative ion, negative ions, ion water- desktop ( table top) type water dispensers, floor type water dispensers, ionized water dispensers, air ionizers, ionized water, air ionizer manufacturers, table top water dispensers, Nano water dispensers. (3) nion electromagnetic wave protection sticker.