Chin Hsing Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Adapter Sleeves, Withdrawal Sleeves, Lock Nuts and Washers.


Withdrawal Sleeve


  • Model No: AH23
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Bearing Withdrawal Sleeves for metric shafts, withdrawal sleeves for metric spindle. Supplied completed with Lock nuts and lock washers or lock plates.

Specification :

Withdrawal sleeve Part No.DimensionsSuitable Bearing Part No.
23083535---2208K 22308K
23094040---2309K 22309K
23104545---2310K 22310K
23115050---2311K 22311K
23125555---2312K 22312K
23136060---2313K 22313K
23146565---2314K 22314K
23157070---2315K 22315K
23167575---2316K 22316K
23178080---2317K 22317K
23188585---2318K 22318K
23199090---2319K 22319K
23209595---2320K 22320K
2322100105---2322K 22322K
2324110115---2324K 22324K
2326120125---2326K 22326K
2328130135---2328K 22328K
2330140145---2330K 22330K
23321501501502332K 22332K
23341601601602334K 22334K
23361701701802336K 22336K
23381801801802338K 22338K
23401901901902340K 22340K
23442002002002344K 22344K 23244K
23482202202202348K 22348K 23248K
23522402402402352K 22352K 23252K
23562602602602356K 22356K 23256K

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