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CNC Milling Machine

cnc milling machine

  • Model No: KM-200
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Unit of Measure: 1
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

CNC milling machine are designed specially for small bath machine, mould making, tool rooms, R&D shops, and maintenance facilities. Great versatile capability can easily handle many different kinds of jobs. Available to be fitted with Geneva type tool change. 16-tools magazine upgrades efficiency greatly.

Specification :

1. Model: KM-200 2. Table: (1) Table surface: 810 * 2180 (mm). (2) T-slot (W*N): 18 / 5 T. (3) Table load capacity: 1500 (Kg). 3. Travels: (1) X travel: 2000 (mm). (2) Y travel: 870 (mm). (3) Z travel: 710 (mm). (4) Spindle center to column: 870 (mm). (5) Spindle nose to table: 100-810 (mm). 4. Spindle: (1) Taper of spindle nose: BT40 (CAT 40 or DAT40). (2) Spindle speed: 6000 (rpm). 5. Feed: (1) Rapid on X, Y & Z: 8000 (mm/min). 6. Motor: (1) Spindle motor: 20 (Hp). 7. General: (1) Power required: 20 (KVA). (2) Power required: 6500 (kg). (3) Measurement (L*W*H): 3000 * 5600 * 2800 (mm).

Features :

1. Extreme rigid casting construction:
(1) The main casting bed, column, saddle, table are constructed from high quality Meehanite Casting.
(2) Extra wide base slide ways combined with narrow way of straightness guide, ensuring high accuracy.
(3) Three Axes slide ways are hardened, the table surface is heat-treated. The T-slots are precision grounds.
2. High precision feed device:
(1) Three-Axes employ high precision C5 class ball screws to ensure accuracy and reduce thermal deflection.
(2) Precisely hand scraped slideways to assure smooth stick slip free movement.
(3) Slideways are coated with Turcite-B, ensuring extremely smooth traverse.
(4) The surface accuracy is precisely inspected inspected by a laser system.
3. Safety Features:
(1) Automatic Lubricator Provides excellent lubrication effect to all slideways and parts.
(2) Telescopic and cover on three axes. Table guard, column side splashguard and base chip pan.
(3) The accurate counter-balance weight ensures services life of ball screws and machining accuracy.
(4) An additional lifting hole prevents column from collision while in transportation.

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