Hokei Corporation

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Hokei International Corporation is a leading firm that caters Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services for luggage and trolley sub-assembly system worldwide. Hokei is engaged in designing, integrating as well as producing innovative products through our R & D team. Mostly made of plastic and aluminum materials at reasonable cost.

Main Products

(1) luggage cart, hand trucks, folding shopping carts, luggage on wheels, hand carts, heavy duty carts. (2) front stand, luggage handle, luggage handles. (3) brushes- rotary, cleaning boy and sprayer, gear brush and sprayers. (4) luggage stands, wheel sets. (7) automotives ( automobiles, cars, vehicles, motors, auto) cleaning brushes, soap container brush, luggage parts & accessory ( accessories), travel accessories, hardware & houseware accessories, trolley and sub assembly ( assemblies).