Better Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Better Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978 on an ethical standard which strives to ensure reliability, dependability, and efficiency throughout all aspects and levels of business. It has earned the trust of clients and suppliers alike by adhering to this philosophy.

Main Products

wholesales pluming supply ( supplies ) & bathroom accessory ( accessories ), plumbing product -
(1) faucets- lavatory, kitchen, tub & shower, combination wall, laundry tray, single basin. (2) strainers- deep cup basket, twist & lock, easy mount, duplex sink, flat top, tray plug sink. (3) drainage- trap & bend, cleanout plug, coverall, floor, roof, closet flange. (4) well system- yard hydrant, well point & seal, pitch pump, pressure gauge & witch. (5) valves- gate, ball, check, foot, swing check, stop & waste, cock, boiler drain, globe. (6) wrenches- basin, seat, pipe, socket, spud, strap. (7) bathroom accessories- towel bar, ring, and rack; toilet paper, brush, and tumbler & toothbrush holders; shelf ( shelves ). (8) Others- handle puller, flaring tool, cleaning brushes, hacksaw, toilet auger, utility knife, OEM components.