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Automatic Vertical Can Body Shaper


  • Model No: S-B70
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

S-B70 Automatic Vertical Can Body Shaper with vertical design is easily linked and work together with automatic double seamer. Can cylinder is carried by a timing screw and a turret, can is lifted up by a lifter plate to let expanding mould enter can inside. Expanding strips are expanded via a pair of cam to press the can wall, to shape the can. With recycleable centralized lubricating system and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and can size changeover.

Specification :

Machine TypeS-B70
Model Type9H
Range of Can Dia.200 - 307 D
Range of Can Height70 - 190 mm
Capacity Per Min.Up to 500 Cpm
Horse Power Required20HP x 1
Floor Space Overall Height2890L x 2171W x 2205H mm
Net Weight5400 kgs

Features :

*Vertical design easy to connect with auto double seamer.
*Recycleable center control lubricating system.
*Use human-machine interface (touchable monitor) control system and inverter for setup and variable speed control.
*Can guide and Turrets with hard chromium plating or Nylon material.
*Full Automatic Control system for canmaking line requirement.
*Multi-safety design for machine and personnel safety.
*Capacity depends on can size and expansion ratio.
*Can shape according to customer's request.
*Recommended Can body tinplate : T2.5 - T3
*Can shape is formed by several expanding strips expanded by two (or three) carbide pushers driven by two cams.

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