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Automatic Inside Spray Machine


  • Model No: S-B53(L)
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

S-B53 Automatic Inside Spray Machine is built for three piece tin can production. One side sealed can bodies are fed into from two top can chutes, carried into two spraying stations by two timing screw and turrets. Two sets of NORDSON spraying guns undertake spraying job on each station; first gun for can wall spraying while second gun for can bottom. Spraying angle can be adjusted easily. While being sprayed, can is supported by an index turret and turned by tangent friction force form two belts. Sprayed cans eject from bottom exit naturally. Equipped with one spraying stations. With NORDSON spraying system and anti-explosion motor, steady and safe. Multiple safety devices are equipped for easy maintenance and safe operation.

Specification :

Machine TypeS-B53
Range of Can Dia.202 - 401D
Range of Can Height40 - 200mm
Capacity Per Min.Up to 300 Cpm
Horse Power Required2HP x 1 , 1/12HP x 1
Compressed Air Required4kgs x 20L/min
Floor Space Overall Height2000 x 1500 x 2150 mm
Net Weight900 kgs

Features :

* Equipped with NORDSON airless spray system.
* With explosion proof motors.
* Can guide and turret with hard chromium plating.
* No Can No Spray and jam stop control.
* Double-set spray guns on each spraying station, three guns system is also available.
* Easy adjustment and high quality is suitable for mass production line.
* Equipped with two spraying station, can deal with two different can size at the same time.
* Smoke discharge system to outdoor is to be built by buyer.

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