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Leeprene Thermoplastic Rubbers

leeprene thermoplastic rubbers

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

The incredible properties of leeprene transferred from the AES’s turnkey project by special design of its thermoplastic vulcanized process to mix the very stable RC olefins with polyolefin rapidly. Its excellent properties similar with EPDM vulcanized rubber could be not only recovery for recycling usage but also superior than the common thermoplastic elastomers and thermosetting rubber.

Specification :

1. Similar performance and outlook with vulcanized rubber. 2. Excellent heat resistance. 3. Operation temperature between -65° and 135°. 4. No necessary for extra supplement. 5. Available for ordinary thermosetting plastic manufacturing equipment. 6. No changing on its properties by recycling usage. 7. High cross link ability for hardness of 30A ~ 45D target. 8. Adapt for customers’ various application purpose.

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