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Ultrasonic Machining Center


  • Model No: UC Series
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

UC Series, ultrasonic machining center, is mainly designed for aerospace honeycomb structure processing and it can efficiently perform honeycomb structure cutting with different inclinations, and output various structural shapes that meet customer needs.

Composite paper honeycomb angle processing – triangle cutter processing and disc cutter processing
With lightweight and dynamic column structure, combined with precision gears and racks, the movement is fast, ensuring the best feed speed.
Oil-free pollution processing of advanced materials, and the three-axis slide rail adopts full grease lubrication device.
Using European standard precision gear transmission on feeding axis to be provided with high feed rigidity position accuracy.
Feeding axis with high accuracy linear scale feedback to use low thermal deformation coefficient to control positioning accuracy on linear scale.
Feeding axes are using roller type linear guideway to keep accuracy for a long term.
Vacuum chuck is clamping device under vacuum table to make workpiece adsorb stably on table.
Two axis head self-monitoring protection system.
Spindle cooling system.
Auto workpiece coordinate measurement / Contacting auto tool length measurement / Triangular tool angle deviation measurement

Specification :

X axisMm4,000
Y axisMm2,000
Z axisMm550
Table DimensionMm4,000 x 2,000
Spindel SpeedRpm24,000
Spindle Power(S1/S6)kW22 / 25
Ultrasonicator FrequencyHz20k±0.4K
Rapid Traverse(x/y/z)mm/minX,Y:40,000   Z:12,000
Cutting Feed Ratemm/minX,Y,Z:12,000
ATC CapacityPcs7
Positioning Accuracy (VDI3441)Mm X: P0.06   Y: P0.06    Z: P0.06
Repeatability (VDI3441)Mm X: Ps0.02  Y: Ps0.02   Z: Ps0.02
Machine Gross WeightKg8,000

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