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LED Light Box/ LED Light Panel, Lumen Box for high-end inspection/LED Wireless Remote Control


LED Light Boxes

led light boxes

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Detail Information

Description :

LED, LED light, LED display, LED commercial lighting, sign board.
The use that LED lights in the urban area is more and more general. Such as traffic symbol will, watt of incandescent lamp bulbs only 12 watts of LED lights is being substituted the consumption gradually. This has not only reduced the expenses of safeguarding but also reduced the power consumption by a wide margin.

Specification :

1. Custom size assembling (30 x 30cm/unit x N). 2. Super longer life (100000 hrs). 3. Super energy saving. 4. Power factor 95% up. 5. 120V / 240V auto switch input. 6. Color temperature up to 5000° K. 7. Luminous intensity +/- 800 cd/m2. 8. Worldwide patent pending. 9. Custom size and color temperature are available.

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