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LED Light Boxes ( LED Light Panels )

led light panel

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Detail Information

Description :

1. LED raises the new revolution of lighting technology.
2. The basic performance attribute that LED lighted has already widely known by the people: the durable, high-efficient, flexible and longer life-span is 10 times of the traditional lighting light source.
3. The use that LED lights in the urban area is more and more general. Such as traffic symbol will, watt of incandescent lamp bulbs only 12 watts of LED lights is being substituted the consumption gradually. This has not only reduced the expenses of safeguarding but also reduced the power consumption by a wide margin.
4. As application of SSI being more extensive, for example occupy 50% above lighting market in U.S.A., between U.S.A. and day in petroleum demand can is it up to 10% to reduce. Likewise, this kind of influence may involve the whole world .
5. Long-term maintenance expenses that dependability can reduce of LED compensate what LED light expensive.
6. LED sunshine box.
7. Bringing sunshine to you every day.
8. Sunshine box: to reduce seasonal depression (seasonal affective disorder).
9. Infrared box: to condition and rejuvenate your skin UV box: to combat SAD and enjoy better sleep waking up with more energy.
10. LED, LED light, LED display, LED commercial lighting, sign board.

Specification :

1. Wavelength: sunshine / 6000k, infrared / 660nm, ultra violet/ 415nm. 2. Viewing area: 5" x 7". 3. LED back lighting with 108 LEDs light. 4. Luminous Intensity: 3500 cd/m2 up (10000Lux). 5. Power consumption: 9W. 6. Switching power supply: 25W. 7. Input: AC 100-240V / 50Hz-60Hz. 8. Super long life span (>50000hrs).

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