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Thrmoelectric Laminating / Pattern Embossing Machines


  • Model No: HC-368/HC-368C
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

APPLICATION: Laminating EVA+EVA,EVA+film,EVA+carpet,EVA+surface pattern conve.

Specification :

1. Thermoeletric laminating doesn’t need to use glue or any kind of adhesive.(Environment safe) 
2. Special surface-pattern converting:
* Custom-design pattern roller to fit customer’s request.(Available to -make company logo on the pattern roller)
* Save money.With this machine you don’t need to stock and make many of press mould.You can just have planepress mould,after foaming and splitting into the thickness(request).And then run through the machine.You will have same produce as from press mould,also you don’t need to many of EVA sheet(Whirl you already sole the upper and bottom skins).
* One pattern roller is coasted less then set of heating press mould.
* Laminating with film can convert the surface-pattern at once.


Working width1550mm1550mm
Horse power1 1/4HP2HP
Electric power13.55kw13.55kw
Productivity / Hour420M (Reference)420M (Reference)
Machine size420*220*180cm580*220*180cm
Machine weight2000kgs2500kgs
Cutting DeviceNOYES

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