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Bandknife Loop Splitting Machines

bandknife loop splitting machines

  • Model No: SM-690
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

EVA, PE, RUBBER, SBR, NBR, CR, etc splitting.

Specification :

Function: Single sheet splitting operation. Characteristics:

1. Automatic relooding and forward splitting.Saves transter time of raw material.Increases productivity.

2. Automatic adjust the thickness while evety spliting completed is controlled by PLC.Only leaves 4mm on the table.Will save more labor than traditional loop splitting (transfer time). One person needed for operation (collecting finished produnts).Saves labor (traditional type of splitting machine needs one person to feed raw material sheet and two people to collect products.

Features :

1. Firendly PLC inter-face,computer touch screes.Easy to poerate.
2. Thickness controlled and re-located by PLC.
3. The position of blade controlled and re-located by PLC.
4. Raw maerial sheet controlled and re-located by PLC.
5. Multiple functions: Single sheet splitting,Loop splitting,raw material fixate length splitting and multiple sheets cycling splitting operation.
6. Automatic Sliced Piece Counting Function.
7. Automatic Sliced Length Counting Function.
8. Dusty collector for blade sharpener.

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