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GPS Antennas

gps antennas

  • Model No: STR-2
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. This antenna system consists of two functional blocks, the LNA portion and the patch antenna.
2. The GPS antenna is the only innovating design antenna with performance, quality and an RF protection circuit built-in to protect the active LNA's, and most importantly the host GPS receiver down the connector end from the danger level of high power RF CW source exceeding over 1 watt.
3. The most important over-all design concept of the antenna is the complete protections of the host sensitive GPS receiver made from any manufacturer that it serve.

Specification :

Secification 1. Operation voltage- min:2.5v max:5.5v. 2. Power consumption- at 3.0 v -typ.: 9.0ma max: 15ma. 3. RF connector-sma180p. 4. Operation temperature--40℃ to + 90℃. 5. Input voltage-min: 2.5v max: 5.5v. 6. Power consumption-at 3.0 v:typ.: 9.0ma. max: 15ma. / at 4.0 v: typ: 11ma. max: 15ma. 7. Vibration-10~200hz log. sweep 3.0g; sweep time: 15 minutes, 3 axes.

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