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Bluetooth GPS Receivers BT15

bluetoot gps receiver

  • Model No: BT-15
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

BT-15 bluetooth GPS receiver supports wireless navigation for main brand PDA, handheld GPS navigator or smart phone such as iPAQ, casio, O2, TOM TOM or sony ericson, etc, they are no wonder become the best choice and most popular technology with 16 channels GPS plus 45mA ultra low power consumption and provide you at least 18~22hrs with a 850mA Li-ion battery as a standard package. PLUS we could do color box and logo printing while requested. (FCC/ CE approval and BQB registed.)

Specification :

1. Performance (1) GPS chipset: NEMERIX GPS module. (2) Frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz. (3) C/A code: 1.023MHz chip rate. (4) Channels: 16 CH all in view tracking. (5) Antenna(internal): built-in low noise. (6) External antenna port active MMCX antenna. 2. Accuracy (1) 3 meters CEP (50%), without SA(horizontal) 7meters (90%). (2) Velocity: 0.1 m/sec. without SA. (3) Time: ± 100 ns synchronized to GPS time. 3. Dynamic conditions (1) Altitude: <18,000m. (2) Velocity: <515m/sec. (3) Acceleration: <4g. (4) Motional: Jerk20 m/sec. 4. Acquisition rate (1) Cold start: 45 sec, average. (2) Warm start: 38 sec, average. (3) Hot start: 10 sec, averag. (4) Reacquisition: 100 ms, average. 5. Power (1) Rechargeable 5VDC 850mAh Li-ion battery. (2) Operation current: 45mA (Typical). (3) Operation time: 20hrs continuous (MAX). (4) Charging time: 2.5hrs. (Typical).

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